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Tyco Information

Tyco Electronics / TE Connectivity

High Voltage Connectors

We stock all Tyco high voltage connectors: LGH Medical Application Connectors, LGH Micro-Miniature Connectors, LGH Multi-Pin Connectors, LGH SIngle-Pin Connectors, and Hybrid & Electric Mobility Solutions.


We stock a large variety of Tyco relays including: Agastat, Axicom, CII, Hartman, Kilovac, Midtex, Potter & Brumfield & Schrack.


We stock Tyco DIP & SIP switches including Alcoswitch and TE Connectivity.

Circuit Breakers

We stock a variety of Tyco magnetic, thermal, and VESA Vacuum circuit breakers including Potter & Brumfield and Schrack.

Terminal Blocks

We stock battery stud, card edge, europa, eurostyle, NEMA, and screwless terminal blocks by Buchanan.