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Military connectors are qualified to the latest edition of MIL-C-55302
Box Contact Connectors are two-piece interconnects for systems requiring large numbers of contacts per connection. Featuring latched-in pin and receptacle contacts, these high density connectors offer low applied cost while maintaining high performance and reliability.

For board-to-board applications, a unique four-beam box design receptacle contact accepts square, rectangular, round and formed-channel pins. The box contact allows right-angle and straight-through pin headers to be used without changing receptacle contacts. Also, the box design eases mating of misaligned pins and provides redundant contact in four areas, an important feature for applications subject to vibration.

There are four receptacle contact tail styles: various length posts for PC board insertion; solder eyelet; posts for up to three wrap-type terminations; and crimp type for wires from 26 to 22 AWG [0.12 to 0.4 mm²] for receptacle contacts. Connectors are also available with a mix of box contacts and hybrid contact cavities. Crimp snap-in and printed circuit board mount coaxial contacts are available for these connectors.

March Electronics stocks the full line of Tyco/Amp Box Connectors that conform to MIL-C-55302