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The Alcoswitch range of modular control switches and indicating units offers many application solutions on low voltage electrical circuits, both in alternating and direct current.
• Actuators are available for ø22mm fixing
• Bodies are in thermoplastic.
• Metal body actuators in round and square are also available.
• Protection class is IP65, which means protection against penetration of solids, dust and liquids.

The control switch range includes:
• Maintained and momentary push-buttons
• Illuminated and non-illuminated versions
• Key and long handle selector switches
• Pilot lights
• Mushroom and emergency stop pushbuttons
In addition a complete range of accessories are built
and designed to satisfy application needs.

Thermoplastic bodies are centrally fixed by the new ergonomically designed lock nut which can be easily and safely
fitted by hand or by using the installation tool, offering faster assembly time to the barrel thread.

Contact blocks and power supplies have a (quick connect) locking system and can be wired independent from the switch body to obtain high flexibility and easy installation/maintenance. Ingress protection to class IP20 avoids accidental finger contact on electrical parts. Modular contact blocks are available with screw or fast-on terminals.

This range of products are based on thermoplastic bodies, a full range of metal bodies are also available from within the
TE Connectivity Alcoswitch range.