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From standard Mil-Spec configuration to your custom connector designs, Nanonics Connectors are equipped to handle all of your Micro Miniature D, subminiature and ultra miniature coaxial, custom hermetic, and space related cylindrical connector needs.

We are the experts at value added cable assembly from build to print assemblies to total turn-key program management. We take pride in our cable assembly support of manned space flight requirements, critical care medical applications, military and commercial satellites assemblies, as well as geophysical exploration demands.

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Manufacturing Processes Include
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Full Protection Machining
  • Complete Tool Room
  • Plastic & Silicon Rubber Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Contact Fabrication

Nanonics Quick Disconnect Connectors

Nanonics Quick Disconnect Connectors
Key Features
• Environmental seal
• EMI/RFI seal
• Contact system exceeds MIL-C-83513
• Available in 7, 19, and 44 positions
• "O" rings for environmental seal

Nanonics NCG Series Connectors

NANONICS N-Series circulars are the industry's smallest, reliable, circular nanominiature connectors.
Nanonics NCG Series Connectors
Key Features
• High Density
• Reduced Weight
• Reduced Diameter
• Highest Reliability

Nanonics Coaxial Connectors

Nanonics Coaxial Connectors
Key Features
• More than 1/3 smaller than Micro-Ds
• Custom mixed signal systems
• Uses 32 AWG coax
• Maintains low cross talk
• Improved analog signal control

Nanonics Dualobe

Nano Dualobe
Key Features
• Polarized scoop-proof mating
• Coupling with jackscrews
• Prewired, SMT, thru-hole, or solder cup options
• MIL Spec or MOTSTM

Nanonics Strip Connectors

Nanonics Strip Connectors
Nanonics Strip Connectors provide dramatic reduction in size and weight, and enable reduction in board space requirements while retaining DUALOBE series performance. Strips are useful in applica-tions such as hearing aids, hand-held communication devices, flex terminations, and high density electronics where packaging space is at a premium.