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From standard Mil-Spec configuration to your custom connector designs, Microdot Connectors is equipped to handle all of your Micro Miniature D, subminiature and ultra miniature coaxial, custom hermetic, and space related cylindrical connector needs.

We are the experts at value added cable assembly from build to print assemblies to total turn-key program management. We take pride in our cable assembly support of manned space flight requirements, critical care medical applications, military and commercial satellites assemblies, as well as geophysical exploration demands.

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Manufacturing Processes Include
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Full Protection Machining
  • Complete Tool Room
  • Plastic & Silicon Rubber Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Contact Fabrication


Microdot Circular Connectors

Microdot high density, lightweight Multi-Pin circular connectors are the industry's most advanced and are ideally suited to applications where many conductors must be accommodated in a minimum of space with minimum weight. All series of connectors feature a crimp contact retention method, requiring no insertion or removal tools.

The MARC 43 conforms to all applicable performance requirements of MIL-C-26482 and has seen extensive service on many of the nation's leading aerospace and ground support equipment programs.

The MARC 53, designed to conform to the USAF high reliability specification, MIL-C-38300, offers the ultimate in high density connector performance. The "Posilock" coupling mechanism, combined with Microdot's exclusive floating interfacial seal, "Posiseal", guarantees outstanding performance under the most rigorous service conditions.

The MARC 63 is Microdot's Bayonet Coupling Series and accommodates all insert patterns and layouts available in the MARC 43, MARC 53, and RMD Series. All insert assemblies are completely interchangeable. Lighter in weight and smaller in size than any comparable connector on the market, it requires up to 50% less engagement/separation force. Conversion to bayonet coupling shell from MARC 43 or MARC 53 is done without tools by merely transferring the contacts and insert assemblies into the MARC 63 shell.

Microdot's newest addition to the Multi-Pin product line is the MARC 73 Series. The Twist-Con circular connector combines the lightweight, bayonet coupling feature of the MARC 63 Series with the Twist-Con high density, center-to-center contact spacing of 0.065 inch. The utilization of the No. 22 Twist-Con pin and socket contacts provides for 50% greater contact densities than presently offered in the MARC 43, 53 or 63 Series.

Microdot Hermetic connectors -- widely accepted in the industry -- feature crimp contacts and are available in MARC 43, 53 and 63 Series. The latest additions to the Hermetic connector product line include the high pressure, bulkhead feed-through connector ideally suited for nuclear applications and the now MTPH Series designed to withstand environmental pressure differentials exceeding 10,000 psi and an ambient temperature of 2600F.

Microdot_Coaxial Microdot Coaxial Connectors

Microdot standard coaxial connectors are designed to accept 50, 70, and 93 ohm miniature coaxial cables. These connectors are available as Screw-On Series, Slide-On Series, or Quick-Connect Series. The Screw-On Series is intermateable with the Golden Crimp Series and offers the dependability of threaded coupling. For maximum safety, choose connectors with wire holes.

Microdot TWIST/CON

TWIST/CON high density microminiature connectors comprise a complete contact system which is adaptable to an infinite variety of form factors. Perfect contact alignment, with extremely low engaging forces, is assured by the manner in which the TWIST/CON contacts system is packaged -- by constructing the male contact as a breathing helical spring, electrical contact is achieved at many points around the periphery of the pin bundle - instead of a few discrete points, as in conventional design.