Ulti-Mate Connector

Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc. has been producing world-class Micro-miniature connectors and interconnect solutions since 1977. Their expertise in the design and production of customized solutions to the most demanding customer requirements has made Ulti-Mate a valued supplier to the OEM Marketplace.

Ulti-Mate specializes in serving the unique interconnect needs of military, space, aviation, medical, and geophysical exploration marketplaces. Innovation and quality has placed Ulti-Mate connectors in many of our country’s most advanced missile systems, manned space and satellite vehicles, and guidance and navigation systems. Ulti-Mate has a long history of meeting the rigorous specifications of invasive and noninvasive medical imaging, patient monitoring and measured drug delivery markets.

JSB Center Jackscrew Series

A family of microminiature center jackscrew connectors. The JSB Series, is available with layouts of 10, 11, 26 and 35 contacts. The JSB Series has a full range of terminations including cable to cable, board to cable, board to board.

JSB connector

  • From 10 to 35 positions
    • wire to wire
    • wire to board
    • board to board
  • Positive lock with a center jackscrew and jackpost combinations

Contact Resistance 8 mO Maximum @ 2.5 A
Current Rating 3.0 A Maximum
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 900 VAC at sea level, 300 VAC @ 70,000 ft. Solder cups and shielded cable same as MIL-DTL-83513; 600 VAC at sea level 150VAC @ 70,000 ft.
Insulation Resistance 5,000 MO Minimum

Contact Engaging and Separating Forces

6 oz. max per MIL-DTL-83513 (contact average is 3 oz.); Separation force is 5.0 oz. minimum.

Contact Mating and Unmating Forces per MIL-DTL-83513

Mate = 10 oz. X number of contacts maximum. Unmate = 10.5 oz. X number of contacts minimum.

Shock and Vibration

Vibration No damage or interruption detected (one microsecond sensitivity) when subjected to Method 2005, Test Condition IV of MIL-STD-1344.
Shock No damage or interruption detected (one microsecond sensitivity) when subjected to Test Condition E. Method 2004 of MIL-STD-1344.
Durability No mechanical defects after 500 matings; Test criteria are mating force, contact resistance, contact engagement, and separation forces.
Salt Spray No exposure of base metal due to corrosion; no loss of performance as in durability above.

Materials and Finishes

Pin Contacts Beryllium Copper (C17200) per ASTM B194.
Socket Contacts Copper alloy (C21000) per ASTM B36 or leaded commercial bronze (C314000) per ASTM B140.
Contact Plating Gold plated per MIL-DTL-45204D. 50 microinches min. is the standard thickness.
Metal Shells Aluminum alloy per SAE-AMS-QQ-A-200/8, type 6061-T6. Finish is cadmium per SAE-AMS-QQ-P-416, TYPE II, CLASS 3, with suitable underplate with yellow chromate, this plating is not RoHS compliant. Or Finish Electroless Nickel plate per SAE AMS2404, class 3 or 4, .0005 minimum thickness.
Insulator Material Preferred material is Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) per MIL-M-24519 or ASTM D5927 GST 40F. Color Black.
LCP Liquid Crystal Polymer-Vectra 130 (optional).
Interfacial Seals Fluorosilicone elastomer per MIL-R-25988. Standard on M Series socket face.
Hardware Stainless Steel, passivated.
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