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Tactical Comm. Catalog

Eaton Tactical Communications Interconnects

March Electronics carries the full range of Eaton Tactical Communications Connectors and Interconnect products.

MIL-C-55116 / Military Audio & Filtered Audio Connectors

These connectors are universally used in communications equipment where the highest reliability is needed under the most severe environmental conditions. The standard 5-contact connectors meet all requirements of MIL-C-55116, latest revision. 6-contact connectors as well as the light-weight versions are designed to meet all performance requirements of MIL-C-55116. Mating is accomplished quickly with a twist-lock motion. Non-rigid contacts are spring loaded and provide positive electrical connection with minimum voltage drop.
5-Contact Standard Audio Connector 5-Contact Lightweight Audio Connector 6-Contact Standard Audio Connector 6-Contact Lightweight Audio Connector

MIL-C-10544 / 10-Contact Audio Connector

The 10-contact connectors conform to MIL-C-10544, latest revision.
Construction and mating action are similar to the 5-contact line. Years of successful field experience have proven the remarkable reliability of this line of connectors for all types of military and commercial communications equipment.

MIL-C-55181 / Power & Signal Connectors

UW Connectors

The UW connectors meet all requirements of MIL-C-12520 for the latest revision. These connectors are rugged, proven reliable, and are designed for power and control interconnections. Featured is a center-locking, double-lead screw for maximum reliability, with a fold-down, wing-blade handle. They are waterproof and can withstand the extreme range of environmental conditions encountered by ground support equipment.

MW QPL Connectors

The MW connectors meet all requirements of MIL-C-55181 for the latest revision. These connectors are similar in construction to the UW series, but provide greater contact density in the 18-pin configuration. These are used exclusively in the U.S. Army’s VRC-12 communication system, as well as other applications.