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Eaton’s D38999 / Series IV Connectors / 40 thru 49 are manufactured with G&H Technology's Breech-Lok™ coupling mechanism.

Breech-Lok™ solutions comprise one of the industry’s largest installed bases of MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV connectors. This track record of uncompromised reliability has been proven in harsh-environment applications ranging from weapons systems to spacecraft. Breech-Lok™ products can be quickly customized to meet a broad array of mission-specific requirements:

• Special insert patterns and shell configurations.
• Customer-defined EMI/RFI compliances.
• Custom connector/cable assemblies.

March Electronics is the only authorized stocking value added distributor for G&H Technology's D38999/Series IV Breech-Lok™ connectors. March Electronics also stocks the covers in all sizes and lengths for the Breech-Lok™ connectors.