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WPI General Connector

March Electronics carries the full line of Eaton's WPI General Connectors, which include Military Audio, Filtered Audio and Connectors for harsh environmental use. Featured products include the QPL Approved combination Power and Signal connectors and MIL-C-55116 Audio and Filtered Audio Connectors.  

WPI General Connector  |  Audio Connectors

These connectors are universally used in communications equipment where the highest reliability is needed under the most severe environmental conditions. The standard 5-contact connectors meet all requirements of MIL-C-55116, latest revision. 6-contact connectors as well as the light-weight versions are designed to meet all performance requirements of MIL-C-55116. Mating is accomplished quickly with a twist-lock motion. Non-rigid contacts are spring loaded and provide positive electrical connection with minimum voltage drop.
5-Contact Standard Audio Connector 5-Contact Lightweight Audio Connector 6-Contact Standard Audio Connector 6-Contact Lightweight Audio Connector
The 10-contact connectors conform to MIL-C-10544, latest revision.
Construction and mating action are similar to the 5-contact line. Years of successful field experience have proven the remarkable reliability of this line of connectors for all types of military and commercial communications equipment.